Por Rodrigo Infante
“Copa Cervezas de América” culminó con éxito cumpliendo todas las expectativas que, como organizadores principales, nos propusimos. Sin embargo, el mérito de alcanzar los objetivos, se lo debemos a todos los cerveceros e importadores que confiaron en este proyecto e inscribieron sus productos, el que alcanzó un estándar mundial jamás realizado en la región. (versión completa en edición completa)

Chile, platform of premium beers

The Americans Beer Cup ended quite successfully, meeting all the expectations we had set for ourselves as principal organizers. Nevertheless, the merit for achieving the objectives goes to all the brewers and importers who trusted the project and committed their products to it. The event attained a worldwide standard never before seen in the region.

The idea was to present products of the highest quality, a goal we managed to achieve without exception. We have received many congratulations for having carried out this event, in which impeccable organization and top-level judges were vital factors in putting on a contest of great prestige. Accomplishing this objective to meet the standards set by the most important contests around the globe required a joint effort of all involved: Maltexco, Pro Chile, sponsors, and contestants.
It was not an easy task getting the contest off the ground. The doubts about how to manage an international beer contest were obvious, and proving that Chile is a platform for premium beer was a job requiring the closest cooperation with producers and importers. Beers from the southernmost corners of Tierra del Fuego up to the northern deserts of Atacama jockeyed for pride of place with others from 21 foreign countries in the first Americas Beer Cup. There were some 280 labels in total, of which 64 received medals.

Thanks to the serious commitment of each and every participant, we managed to put on a world-class event that without a doubt will be even better the second time around. We have already been advised that all the beers that didn’t have the opportunity to participate on this occasion will be present next year.
Through these pages we wish to thank every one of the brewers, importers, sponsors, and co-organizers, without whose active participation it would not have been possible to obtain the results we did, which go way beyond the simple awarding of prizes. The Americas Beer Cup contributes to the development of the industry, the advancement of the sector, and the prestige of the product.
During the Month of Beer, we also hail all the bierfests taking place throughout the country as well as all our readers, whose preference has made us the number one beer specialty magazine in Chile.

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