Entrevista a Bernhard Leo Domme, el encargado de fabricar la mejor cerveza lager en Chile, certificada por la guía del 2012

¡Orgulloso, feliz encantado! Así adjetiva el resultado que lo beneficia, el hombre de la Bio Bier,  Bernhard Leo Domme, de la cerveza que acaba de ser evaluada como la mejor lager que se vende en Chile, por la Guía de la Cerveza 2012 del famoso sommeliers Pascual Ibáñez, presentada el 21 de diciembre, en la escuela de los sentidos de Vitacura.Leo Domme, es un alemán asentado en Chile hace tres años, cervecero de hobby, revela que se crió entre las cervezas, allí aprendió la preparación de las típicas lagers, hasta que en Chile, luego de escoger para su residencia un paraje inolvidable del sur, instaló una pequeña planta para iniciar la elaboración de cerveza con fines comerciales.

The best Pilsner according to Pascual

Interview with Bernhard Leo Domme, responsible for producing the best lager beer in Chile, certified by the 2012 guide

Proud, happy, delighted! This is how the Bio Bier man, Bernhard Leo Domme describes the favorable result of the beer that has just been evaluated as the best lager sold in Chile by the Beer Guide 2012 of the famous sommeliers Pascual Ibáñez, launched  on December 21,  at the School of Senses in Vitacura.

Leo Domme, a German hobby brewer living in Chile for the past three years, reveals that he grew up among beers where he learned to prepare typical lagers. When he arrived in Chile, he chose to live in an unforgettable place in the south and install a small plant to start brewing commercially. Precisely in this mini factory, located on kilometer 44.5 on the road to Termas de Chillán (Hot springs in the city of Chillán), in the sector of El Chancay of Pinto municipality in the Bio Bio region is where the Pilsner Bio Bier is prepared. This beer comes in half a liter bottles and has an alcohol content of 8°.

When asked about how he received the award for best lager, Leo Bernhard answered: “Delighted to have accomplished it. Although I have always worked in this line of business in my country, I have only done it for a short while in Chile and getting started here was a bit difficult. At one point Asbjorn Gerlach, the same man as always, everyone’s guru helped me a lot. I was born among breweries; I had it in my blood and took it to Chile. Luckily, my beer was received and accepted by the customer, and also by Pascual Ibáñez and I’m here because, surely, they did a good job. I suppose they conducted a blind beer tasting; it is the best guide in Chile and I am proud of the award.”

It is not easy among craft brewers to make a Pilsner, a lager. How did you accomplish it and furthermore make the “best”?

“None of them are easy to make, it always requires hard work, a clear and thorough vision of the subject, and determination to constantly improve what is achieved. My pilsner or lager is not more difficult, but it is clearly more expensive. Most crafts breweries are inclined to produce ales due to costs; lagers take longer and require a lower temperature which is more expensive in the end. This is why they are a bit rarer, but they are better, healthier and have a much better appearance, which is why I produce them.”

How many liters are you producing, and where is the plant located?
“I started as a hobby in my country and continued the hobby here during the first years, until I decided to focus more on this business. I installed my plant located within the plot where my home is. I chose a place in the mountains towards Termas de Chillán, in the woods. I use the same line as the forest for energy, under CONAF’s (National Forestry Commission) management plan, with zero CO2. The Bio Bier name not only makes reference to this, but also to the attempt of producing beer with the best natural products, without damaging the environment.
My production is still low; we currently make a thousand liters per month. I invite people from the capital to go to the country’s other regions. You cannot find everything here, Santiago is not Chile. Thus, we invite everyone to come visit us, that way we will increase our production, however, in a responsible range so it continues to be as good as it is now”.

Una Respuesta a “La mejor Pilsener según Pascual (Edición 7, marzo – junio 2012)”

  1. Mario says:

    Sin duda alguna es la mejor cerveza de Chile, ya se lo había dicho anteriormente, espero en un tiempo no lejano volver a tomar esta
    riquisima cerveza. Se la recomiendo a todo el mundo
    Felicitaciones a Bernhard Leo Dommes y su señora Sabine por este merecido reconocimiento

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